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Original Acrylic Palette Knife Painting on Canvas - 22" x 22"


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10% of all sales of turtle related art go to the Barbados Sea Turtle Project to aid in the Protection, Conservation and Study of Sea Turtles in Barbados





In a hurry, can’t stop to chat! I’ve heard that there is seagrass down this way. Sea grass is delicious! When I was little I used to live floating in sargassum and I ate anything I could find, but now things have changed. I still try other things occasionally but mostly it is seagrass on my mind, after I eat it I feel like I can do anything! Swim to the bottom of a trench, surf the biggest waves, out run a shark or even visit another land! The ocean is my heaven and in it is an endless supply of seagrass!


This painting screams action and adventure. The sharp lines and the beautiful shades of blue transport you to this green turtle’s world where anything is possible! Adult green turtles do not commonly nest on Barbadian beaches but dozens of juvenile greens can be found feeding close to shore. They are a joy to see as they cut through the sparking blue water not just feeding but living…determined not only to survive but to thrive.


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