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Commissions for work are accepted on a rolling basis so long as the theme or subject of the painting aligns with my personal artistic practice. I generally do not accept commission requests for personal portraits. The general guideline for pricing of commissioned originals is $2.50 USD per square inch. The minimum size for a commission is 20 inch x 20 inch since I paint with palette knives, a technique which lends itself well to creating larger artworks.

After we have discussed the client’s desired subject, colour scheme, size, and (if applicable) any special deadlines, I will create a rough sketch in Photoshop to send to the client. It is important to note that the sketch is only an idea of what the finished piece will look like. The finished product is never identical to the sketch. If the client is happy with the sketch and would like to proceed, a 50% deposit is required. If they are unhappy with the sketch, further discussions and alterations will be made in Photoshop until they are happy. Once the painting is finished, the balance owed is paid before shipping. The actual painting takes roughly 3 weeks to complete. 


Open edition prints will not be produced from your commissioned original artwork unless you agree to this. If you agree to having prints made and sold based on your commissioned piece, a 20% discount will be offered off of the overall commission price.


To see past commissions, please visit my Commissions Gallery!


If you are interested in commissioning an original, please message me so that we can discuss theme, size, colour scheme and other important details.


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