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Original Acrylic Palette Knife Painting on Canvas - 20" x 25"


Prints on Canvas Available - All prints come with an additional 2” border to accommodate framing


(All prices denoted in USD)


*Shipping not included

*Please note that items may be subject to taxes and/or duties charged by your local government


10% of all sales of turtle related art go to the Barbados Sea Turtle Project to aid in the Protection, Conservation and Study of Sea Turtles in Barbados





‘Kekoa’- Warrior, I am aptly named, I do what I must to survive. Life is hard and far from perfect, I spend most of my time searching for food and avoiding danger. Oh, the danger does not come from where you would expect. At my size only sharks are a natural threat here, but I have my ways of evading even them. What is most dangerous are the things we would never expect. I was feeding with a friend and as he surfaced to breathe, there was a horrible noise like thunder as a shadow raced by overhead. Then he was gone…broken. There are other threats, too numerous to name; floating things that look like jellyfish, but taste like death. Regardless, I have survived and I will continue to fight, not only for my future but for our right to life.


Kekoa peers boldly from this painting, his bottomless eyes drawing you in. He is suspended and still, as the ocean flows around him, a peaceful giant wise beyond his years.


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