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Original Acrylic Palette Knife Painting on Canvas - 30" x 60"


Prints on Canvas Available - All prints come with an additional 2” border to accommodate framing


(All prices denoted in USD)


*Shipping not included

*Please note that items may be subject to taxes and/or duties charged by your local government


10% of all sales of turtle related art go to the Barbados Sea Turtle Project to aid in the Protection, Conservation and Study of Sea Turtles in Barbados





You say that we are critically endangered, that our numbers represent a mere 10% of our population three generations ago. You look through us, because to see us is to face a hard truth. Our fate, our pain, our death …. Is not because of us, it is because of you. We say this not to cast blame but to encourage. Our life, our rise, our return is also in your hands! We are strong, we are resilient, and we are fearless, with your support we will have a chance.


This image composed of thousands of strokes of paint when seen up close may dazzle the eye, but take a step back and see this amazing composition unfold. Strength, resilience and fearlessness overlaid with opportunity.


Hawksbill turtles face a harsh future made harder by the impacts of human activities on their survival, which for each egg is less than 0.01%. Barbados is now the caretaker of the second largest population of nesting hawksbills in the wider Caribbean region.


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