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Original Acrylic Palette Knife Painting on Canvas - 30" x 30"


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*Please note that items may be subject to taxes and/or duties charged by your local government


10% of all sales of turtle related art go to the Barbados Sea Turtle Project to aid in the Protection, Conservation and Study of Sea Turtles in Barbados





Saved! I’ve been saved! I heard my brothers and sisters around me as they tore through their papery egg shells. I heard the scratching of their tiny flippers as they scrambled and shifted the sand. “Wait for me” I cried. I wasn’t ready! They didn’t hear and they didn’t wait. As time passed the sounds above me were harder and harder to hear, until I was alone in the silence. I thought this was a new beginning, but instead it felt like the end.


Some hatchlings develop more slowly than others. To ensure that they have a chance, the Barbados Sea Turtle Project has created a hatchling ICU where they care for premature babies until they can be released.


Each swirl of paint is one of persistence, perseverance and love. The hatchling in this painting is staring straight ahead at a future that is possible, because now no hatchling is left behind.


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