Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! If you don't see your location as an option, please send me a message and I will get a quote for you ASAP! 

How do you ship prints and originals?

Prints are printed in Barbados, hand signed in my studio, rolled and packaged in a protective tube. Prints are shipped via FedEx 3-5 day shipping which will arrive at your doorstep. Shipping estimates are 5-9 Business Days as I need to order the print from the printer, sign, package and ship it. 

Originals are removed from their frame, rolled with a sheet of brown paper, and shipped in a protective tube. All originals are shipped via FedEx 3-5 day shipping and arrive at your doorstep.


I will provide you with the tracking information as soon as I get it so you can track your original along its journey from my studio to you. 

How do commissions work?

The general guideline for pricing of originals is $2.50 USD per square inch, starting at 20" x 20". If you are interested in commissioning an original, please message me so that we can discuss theme, size, colour scheme etc. Once I know what you're looking for, I can do a quick sketch on Photoshop to send to you. If you are happy with the sketch and would like to proceed, a 50% deposit is required. Once the painting is finished, the balance is due before shipping. The actual painting takes roughly 3 weeks to complete. 

If you commission an original, I won't do any prints of it, UNLESS you are ok with it. If you are ok with prints being done of your commissioned original, then I can offer you a 20% discount off of the price of your commissioned piece. 

What paint do you use?

I use Tri-Art High Viscosity Acrylics. It is a Canadian brand of professional acrylics that I started using towards the end of university. The thickness of the paint holds really well when dried, making it an ideal choice for my style. 

How to care for originals

On receipt of your original, I suggest you remove it from the packaging immediately and slowly unroll it. With a soft, damp cloth, gently wipe the painted surface. Wipe once more with a dry cloth. I would recommend you do this every 6 months to remove any dust that may settle on the surface, especially since the surface is textured. I would also suggest that you don't hang your original in any harsh elements. 

The Tri-Art High Viscosity paint that I use is a professional line of acrylics and is highly durable. I've had a client accidentally splash some wine on her original and realized a few weeks later. She was able to remove the wine by simply wiping with a damp cloth. The paint quality is great and the original should not crack or get scratched unless exposed to very harsh elements. 

How to care for prints

For prints, I would suggest that you do not remove the print from the packaging until you are ready to frame it. Once framed, I would highly recommend that you do not hang it in direct sunlight as this will fade the print over time. I would also suggest that once every few months you wipe the print with a dry soft cloth, just to remove any dust that may settle. 

What is the difference between an Original and a Print?

The two most obvious differences between originals and prints are the price, and texture. A print will cost a fraction of the price of an original. Originals will have a lot of texture where as the surface of a print will be very smooth. Prints are done on canvas, and are stretched and framed the same way that originals are, and they do look very authentic when seen from a distance. People often question whether they are looking at a print or an original (and I've actually had to touch one of my own prints to make sure it was a print and not the original). But when you look at an original, you know it's an original. 


Originals are much more durable than prints. They don't scratch or stain easily, and it would take very rough handling/elements to damage an original. Prints on the other hand can get scratched easier and will fade faster if hung in direct sunlight.

My recommendation would be to purchase a print for a public space or rental property, and an original for your personal space. 

Payment Methods

PayPal right now is the most efficient payment method. The next best method is Western Union. If you'd prefer to do a wire transfer, please contact me for the details, however please note that as I'm based in Barbados, and Barbados is considered to have a "third world banking system", wire transfers have to go through an intermediary bank before they arrive in my account in Barbados. So the wire transfer details may look a little odd, and chances are you will have to call your banking officer to facilitate the transfer. 

Barbados is lovely, but there are limitations to living here :) I still wouldn't choose to live anywhere else though! 

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! :) 

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